What Is Beef Between Durant And Westbroo?

Kevin Durant claims that there is ″no beef″ in the situation. Between Him & Russell Westbrook Even though they are going through a hard time in their relationship, KD has assured me that there is no beef between them; there is just a healthy rivalry. By the second Bruce Goodwin Dated November 2, 2016 and Posted Source: Andrew D. Bernstein / Getty

What happened between Russell Westbrook and KD?

  • Russ lost his cool with one of his teammates during the second clash between the two teams.
  • It was because Enes Kanter went to speak with Kevin Durant that he screamed at Enes Kanter.
  • Russell Westbrook has been quite vocal about his disapproval of KD’s behavior during his departure from Oklahoma.
  • Later on, there were a number of angry exchanges between these two, and the tension that existed between them was palpable.

Why do Russ and KD have beef?

  • In November of 2017, the two got into it because Russ stole the ball from Durant, and this was the first time that they actually acknowledged each other.
  • The argument stemmed from the fact that Russ stole the ball from Durant.
  • As the match-ups progressed, there were intense exchanges of trash saying, the most of which were from the Thunder.
  • This was due to the fact that KD was the one who betrayed OKC and Russ in the first place.
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Are KD and Russ still friends?

  • KD and Westbrook look to be on excellent terms, as seen by their hug.
  • Since their time together on the Oklahoma City Thunder, Kevin Durant has played for the Golden State Warriors and is currently playing for the Brooklyn Nets, and Russell Westbrook was just recently traded from the Houston Rockets to the Washington Wizards.
  • Both players have had a number of stops in their careers since leaving the Thunder.

Why does Durant not like Westbrook?

″I just believed that criticism was always harsh,″ said Durant. ″I thought that criticism was always unfair.″ I believe that Russell is a player that demands a great deal of attention out there on the basketball floor, and I don’t think anyone would want to play with that. He adds an energy and enthusiasm to the game that is quite uncommon to see these days.

Are Kevin Love and Russell Westbrook friends?

Both on and off the court, Westbrook and Love were stars for the Bruins during that season, helping them go all the way to the NCAA Final Four. They are still very good friends despite the fact that they are each now 31 years old.

Who has the best record in the East NBA?


Team Road Road record
1 Miami – z 24-17
2 Boston – y 23-18
3 Milwaukee – y 24-17

Who is Khelcey Barrs?

  • Russell Westbrook counted Khelcey Barrs as one of his closest friends, and the two of them played on the same high school basketball team together.
  • Khelcey, a young man, passed away after suffering a fatal heart attack while playing basketball.
  • After Barrs passed away, Russell Westbrook frequently visited grandmother Barrs’ house and took up his friends’ tasks until he left for UCLA.
  • This continued until Westbrook graduated from high school.
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Why was Westbrook mad at Durant?

  • According to some who are close to Westbrook, he is both angered and wounded not just by Durant’s choice to leave but also by the fact that Durant didn’t even call to tell him personally.
  • This has caused Westbrook to feel betrayed and abandoned.
  • Westbrook did not anticipate being in this position; three weeks ago, he, like with everyone else, believed that Durant would be returning.
  • Westbrook was unprepared for this circumstance.

Are James Harden and Russell Westbrook friends?

  • Not only does Westbrook bring another legitimate talent to the team, but he also has a long-standing bond with James Harden that extends back to when they were children.
  • Both of them were members of the Challengers Boys & Girls Club, which is located in South Central Los Angeles.
  • In spite of the long-standing bond that existed between the two great point guards, events moved rather rapidly in Houston.

Were Durant and Westbrook friends?

  • Anthony Morrow, a former Thunder guard, believes that Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook are more like brothers than best friends, despite the fact that they may not be the best of friends.
  • Anthony Morrow, a former guard for the Thunder, has stated that Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook did not get along very well while they were both playing for the Thunder in Oklahoma City.
  • Morrow asserts that they were quite close, almost like brothers.

What did Durant say about Westbrook?

″He’s an idiot,″ Kevin Durant said in response to Mark Cuban’s statement that Russell Westbrook is not a superstar in the NBA. – The Disappearing World

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Why did KD leave OKC?

They did not allow Kevin Durant to brand himself and promote himself to his full potential because the emphasis was placed too heavily on the team. And it was the single most important aspect in Kevin Durant’s decision to leave, as he had grown bored of being a part of that culture; as a result, when he joined the Golden State Warriors, we observed a very different version of Kevin Durant.

Did Durant Harden and Westbrook play together?

This Day in NBA History: Durant and Harden’s Huge Fourth Quarter Ties Up the 2011 Western Conference Finals Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and James Harden went on a tear, putting on a show for the Dallas fans by making play after play to shut them up.

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